Feb 6, 2015

11 Outrageous Cities With A Nightlife You Won’t Want To Sleep Through

When the sun begin to dim and most of the world resign to sleep, some cities around the world become alive with vibrancy and a remarkably exciting night life. If you are looking for nocturnal entertainment and excitement, then look no further than these 11 cities with the most outrageous nightlife in the world. 1. Las Vegas, Nevada Nicknamed “Sin City,” Las Vegas has a lot to offer to nightlife lovers. The city is home to some of the world’s best nightclubs and the DJs that get the party rolling are super magnets for party lovers. Even if you are an older night owl, with diminished appetite for party life, you can see off your night playing poker in any of the city’s renowned casinos and bars. If you want to celebrate life, try your luck in one of the city’s casinos, dance and enjoy music, Las Vegas is, without doubt, the city to visit. 2. Tel Aviv, Israel Despite the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians and the shaky security situation, Tel Aviv still boasts as one of the best known nightlife destinations in the Middle East. Nightlife in Israel’s second most populous city begins at about 11 pm with most party lovers heading to the clubs in the city center before winding down to raucous parties in the wee hours of the new day. The city offers numerous dance clubs like Comfort 13, Block Club and Paradise Garage, which stay open all night long. 3. Istanbul, Turkey Party at the crossroad between Asia and Europe in Turkey’s capital city: Istanbul. Best known for crazy shenanigans in world famous Taksim Square, you are guaranteed to find some of Mediterranean’s hottest nightclubs that attract night owls from all walks of life. You will not be surprised to find Americans, Asians, Europeans and Middle Easterners partying together in Istanbul’s top rated night clubs like Reina and Sortie. 4. Buenos Aires, Argentina Given that no party starts in Buenos Aires until past midnight, getting a nap before heading out to the city’s bars and clubs make perfect sense. In Buenos Aires, it is not unusual to party till dawn before heading home to the same thing only a couple of hours later. Most bars offer world class entertainment including live bands. 5. Chicago, Illinois With a population of about 2.7 million, Chicago has long been known for its world class sports bars. However, things are now changing with Chicagoans taking to upscale night clubs. Whether you are looking for luxury in rooftop lounges and cocktail bars or mega dance parties in underground clubs, “The Windy City” will certainly blow you away with its nightlife offers. 6. Los Angeles, California Famous for its glamour and glitz, the City of Angeles boasts of a unique nightlife with a range of entertainment options. Whether you are out for a quiet drink with someone special, or dancing the night away with thousands of other party lovers, Los Angeles has something for you. The city’s downtown is packed with high octane bars like the legendary Silver Lake, Hard Rock Café and Echo Park. With tons of cool hangout places, this city is, without doubt, the perfect night party destination for everyone. 7. Tokyo, Japan When the sun goes down and the night checks in, Tokyo transforms into what most party lovers consider the must go to cities in the world. Every single night, Tokyo city’s entertainment districts are crowded with revelers choosing from a range of popular night spots offering different kinds entertainment. Whether you are looking for reggae music clubs, sex parties, gay bars, restaurants, discos or traditional geisha bars, Tokyo has something for you. 8. Hong Kong If you are looking to spend an unforgettable night in an Asian city, then look no further than the city of Hong Kong. Nightlife in this cosmopolitan city is very multi-layered and diverse. The city’s wide range of clubs, lounges and evening markets are guaranteed to thrill any nightlife lover. Apart from partying and dancing, Hong Kong is also a popular destination for food lovers who must never leave the city without stopping by Temple Street Night Market. The air is filled with the rich smell of delicious cuisines while fortune tellers and street acrobats scramble for visitors’ attention all night long. 9. London, England London’s nightlife is one of the most colorful and diverse in Western Europe. From swanky boutiques and cocktail bars to comedy cabarets and live jazz music and bustling nightclubs, London is a great destination for any party animals of all kinds. One of London’s most popular spots for nightlife is right in the middle of the city, from Soho to Central London to Convent Garden. If you are looking for dancing and drinking spots, then be sure to make a stopover at Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus. 10. Paris, France Known as the City of Love, Paris residents know exactly have to have a great time once the sun is out of the way. Visitors can check in at the famous Moulin Rouge for late night show while sampling delicious foods and great drinks. Then, after midnight, visitors can dance their night away at Club Silencio. 11. New York City, New York Nicknamed “the city that never sleeps,” NYC offers visitors endless supply of night life entertainment. You can start your evening by taking in a show on Broadway before heading to a neighborhood bar for a sample of great cocktails. Alternatively, you can head straight to one of the city’s nightclubs to dance your night away. When the sun goes down and most people retire to sleep, some of the world’s cities come to life with numerous dance clubs, bars and other night attractions. If you are looking for a vibrant nightlife atmosphere, then be sure to visit one of these cities

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