Apr 3, 2016

VO Genesis: A Candid Review

Do you enjoy making announcements or giving speeches? If yes, then you might want to make money doing voice overs. Voice-over artists are in high demand from both online and offline clients because, let us face, most people do not orate well. These artists do voice work for TV commercials, animated films, audio books as well as documentaries that require narration where you are not required to appear in person to the audience. So how do you get started as a voice over artist? Well, this is where VO Genesis comes in. VO Genesis overview By now, you probably know that the world wide web is one big playground for scammers. As such, it is natural that you inquire the authenticity of any product or program you find online before spending your money on it. So, what is VO Genesis? Is VO Genesis a scam? Finding answers to these questions is important if you are to make an informed decision on this guide. Voice Over Genesis (or VO Genesis) as it is commonly referred to is a guide written by Jenny Lewis. The guide is designed for individuals who have the desire and ability to make money with voice overs. If you follow through, the program promises to help with your transformation into an artist that does hassle free voice overs. The guide will introduce you to the basics of the voice over industry and make it possible for you to expand and grow your career as a voice over artist. Finally, the program will show you how to acquire high paying gigs and boost your income. Program details VO Genesis is, without doubt, a straight-forward, easy to use guide that can help you earn considerable amount of money as a doing voice overs. Marked at $19.95, the guide familiarizes you with the most recent opportunities in the voice over industry regardless of whether you are an established professional or a beginner. Thousands of artists are currently using VO Genesis across the world. One noticeable characteristic of this program is that it offers 100% money back guarantee within 60 days of purchase. This program is also perfect for artists who are not content with their current income. What VO Genesis promises Making money with voice overs is easy when you know where to look, and Jenny knows all the best places to look for work. The program promises to provide you with a stable stream income from voice over gigs, no matter what. Even if: • You feel you do not have a great voice • You have zero experience doing voice overs • You have no contacts or clue on where and how to take off • You feel you have exhausted everything without much success VO Genesis introduces you to important tricks of this trade, including: • How to start off and find work • Why VO Genesis program is the best online money making guide out there • The best sites to find voice over gigs, including those with little competition • How to master vocal skills like timing and sounding authentic • How to scale your income and establish an agency from a simple voice over work The VO Genesis program also comes with a free guide thrown in. This guide will show you how to much you should be making as a voice over artist. It tells you the average price for voice over gigs, how much you should be paid for the job, and how to get that money. VO Genesis pros and cons The Pros 1. The program is user-friendly, offering a very easy to understand guide to beginners 2. The program reveals secrets to landing top paying jobs allowing you to make as much as $1000 per hour 3. The program is designed to be friendly with nearly all kinds of platforms 4. Expert customer support is available to respond quickly and knowledgeably to user queries 5. The program enables you to set up your personal home studio and get rolling without spending much. Cons VO Genesis is a great tool for those seeking to learn the ropes and make money doing voice overs. However, the program does come with its share of drawbacks. First, it is only accessible online. Thus, the program may not deliver the desired outcome if you are experiencing internet connectivity problems. Second, you need to strictly adhere to the guidelines offered in this program. Finally, the program does not deliver instant miracles. You will need to be patient for a week or two before you can register any result. Conclusion Is VO Genesis a scam? Well, the answer to this question is self-explanatory. Its money back guarantee makes it unique compared to other online money making programs. With its numerous pros and minimal cons, VO Genesis is a powerful guide for individuals seeking to make money online doing voice overs. The very dedicated maintenance system that comes with VO Genesis ensures users can overcome challenges while using the program.

LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe Review

While most states do not require that you store your firearm in a safe, some do. Regardless of whether this is a requirement in your state, if you own firearms, it is a good idea to have them safely locked away, keeping children and untrained individuals from access to them. The LockSafe Biometric Pistol safe is one of the most sturdy and secure firearm safes available in the market today. With the capacity to store up to two hand pistols plus accessories, this safe has been available for purchase both online and in retail stores since 2011. LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe guarantees you peace of mind knowing that your firearms are secured away, but within reach. Here is a comprehensive LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe review. Features 1. quate storage space The LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe is a sturdy firearm safe almost made entirely of pure steel. Its external dimensions read 14x10.2 x 4.6 inches. The safe weighs 22 pounds when empty. This provides you with adequate storage space for up to two handguns with additional room for clips and ammunition. Better still, you can store general valuables like your cash, jewelry and important documents in this safe. The safe opens from the top with a solid steel door with back hinges. As its name suggests, the safe locks with an electronic lock that is triggered by a fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner is ideal for quick access into your safe in an event of emergency. No hassle remembering a combo of fumbling with tiny keys under duress; after all, you and your loved ones could depend on it. 2. Four pre-drilled pilot holes At the bottom panel of the safe are four pre-drilled pilot holes that make it easy to mount your safe inside your drawer, onto the wall or onto any flat surface. This feature secures the safe, keeping it out of harm’s way as well as an unwanted curiosity. Although the safe does not come without mounting hardware, it will take up to 10mm bolts that can you can easily purchase at your local hardware store. 3. Fingerprint scanner The safe’s fingerprint scanner’s memory can store up to ten fingerprints. Better still, LockSafe encourages you to save each finger in more than one angle. By doing this, it ensures that your safe will recognize your fingerprint in times of need. Its keypad uses a nine-volt battery, which is supplemented by an emergency override key to access your safe when the batteries run out. For obvious reasons, you should keep this away from the safe. Additionally, you need to wipe clean the fingerprint scanner after opening. This will prevent unauthorized persons from using “Myth buster” tricks to gain access into your safe. All in all the LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe is a great and very secure safe for your handguns. The fingerprint scanner is a huge advantage to have in your gun safe because it grants you fast access to your guns. You never know when you might need to get at them fast and you also do not want to leave them lying around. The LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe is the perfect solution! 9- Gauge Steel Reinforcement LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe is certainly one of the toughest handgun safes in the market today. The safe is made with 9-gauge steel which is quite tough for this size of safe. The gauge of sheet metal ranges from 30 to about 8 gauge. Remember, the greater the gauge number, the thinner the metal. Thus, this safe is just one gauge from being as tough as a gun safe will ever be. In fact, this thickness is nearly twice as much as other safes in this category. And as you can imagine, due to its walls’ thickness, LockSafe Biometric Pistol safes are considerably heavy for some people. This, in a way, is a plus because there will be less chance of a thief taking off with it. As mentioned, it is reinforced with 9 gauge steel and has pre-drilled mounting holes. It can be mounted nearly anywhere that has a flat surface and it would be nearly impossible for an intruder to get it open. However, it’s designed that the person who’s fingerprint has been programmed to be given access can quickly and easily retrieve what’s inside… say, a concealed firearm. It takes about 2 seconds from pressing your finger to the fingerpad to the safe opening, which is quite fast. - See more at: http://www.locksaf.com/biometric-gun-safe-reviews/#sthash.Flt3F1oX.dpuf Pick –Proof and Drill –Proof Locking Mechanism One of the safe’s primary functions is safeguarding your firearm from unauthorized access. To achieve this, you want a safe that has a tamper-proof locking mechanism. LckSafe Biometric Pistol Safe’s locking mechanism is almost completely pick-proof and drill-proof. This means that it will take an unauthorized person a great deal of effort to access your safe. A reviewer from “American Handgunner” reckons that they had opened and closed the safe hundreds of times and it has been completely reliable. Soft foamy interior LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe’s interior features soft foamy material that protects your handguns from scratches. However, you can remove this material to increase your safe’s capacity. This is ideal if you just plan toour safe to store general valuables. LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe Pros • More than one user can program their fingerprints to this safe since it can hold up to ten unique prints. • Its fingerprint scanner is far more sensitive than most models in the market. Thus, it reads fingerprints far easier. Just be sure to program your fingerprints at multiple angles. • Being electronic, you are probably concerned about its memory wiping out. Should this happen, you can always access your safe using its backup keys. Cons Only Bullet Point - Very Short Sentences You have to be consistent with your swipe each time you are opening your safe, or it will not open. Now, this can be a challenge when you are reaching for your safe under duress. However, you can overcome this through practice. Open your safe as often as possible in the even your need quick access to your weapon. AQ - Some Pre-selling Questions and Answers About the specific product Question: Can I install this safe under my car’s seat? Answer: Yes you can. However, you will have to figure out how to anchor it to your car’s floor. The safe comes with four holes in each corner that allows you to anchor it. But, gain you have to have a way to anchor your safe without punching holes on your car’s floor. Question: Does this safe accept a cable lock or other delaying device so a thief cannot just pick and take off with it? Answer: The safe comes with holes at the back, and you can sure tether it with a cable somehow but it does not come with anything specifically designed for attaching a cable. By anchoring your safe onto the wall or floor, it would take quite a bit of time for anyone to remove and walk away with your safe. Conclusion Safety and security are of paramount importance when it comes to owning a firearm. Biometric gun safes can be a secure way to store your firearm. Unfortunately, some biometric safes exhibit huge security flaws. LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe is, arguably, the best biometric gun safe in the market today. Its super thick stainless steel reinforcement as well as its precise biometric scanner has no match. This safe is ideal for someone looking for a little more than simply their firearms out of reach from unauthorized persons.

Boost Your Property's Value With These Five Simple Tips

A property, more often than not, is one of the most expensive investments you can ever make. If you are investing in property with the goal of reselling it later, you have to figure out how to increase its value. However, increasing and maintaining the value of your investment requires a lot more than just a slick of paint. With the right knowledge and a bit of hard work, you can significantly increase the value of your property and register great return on investment. Here are five surefire ways you can increase the value of your investment property, whether you are preparing it for sale or rental purposes. 1. Optimize the property’s use Properties that are put to optimal use have greater market value than those that are not. As an investor, make it your strategy finding properties that are being underutilized and then improving on their use. Here is an illustration: think about a parcel on land on the suburb of a fast growing town. Clearly, having cattle roaming it is by no chance optimizing its potential use as an investment. Depending on location, putting up an industrial facility or a subdivision on the property would certainly boost its value. On a micro-scale, you need to be shopping around for properties that you change to boost the income they provide. For instance, converting a warehouse into loft-style apartments is a change that can significantly drive the value of the property upwards. One of the most popular trends presently is conversion of office buildings into condominiums. On a smaller scale, if you own a residential property in a college district, you might consider remodeling and renting it out by the room to students looking for accommodation rather then renting out the whole unit to a single tenant. You stand a chance of getting twice as much in rental income by doing this. However, be sure to secure local authorities’ approval before embarking on this kind of project. Bottom-line: There are hundreds of opportunities in the marketplace. Some of them will allow you to change use. Be sure to have the resources, expertise, and experience to effect the changes you are contemplating on the property. 2. Buy wholesale, sell retail In case you do not know, you can actually buy properties at wholesale and sell to other investors or potential homeowners at retail. All you have to do is know where to look for such properties. So how does this work? Think about buying an entire apartment building, or a multi-family property, then converting it to suit individual titles. The real estate world calls this stratification or ascondominiumization. Once you are done with conversion, you can sell off each unit at a substantial profit in return. You call apply the same approach to raw land as well. All you need to do is acquire a large parcel of land and subdivide it into lots for sale at retail. Bottom line You may not have the expertise of cash to get into this kind of investment. However, that should not dampen your spirit. Look out for locations where this is already happening and cash in on the rippling effect as such projects usually drive up values of neighboring projects. 3. Effective marketing Marketing has a special spot in real estate investing. You need to be an excellent marketer id you wish to get value for your property investment. Attract the desired buyer, tenant or seller by applying proven marketing techniques and strategies. With quality marketing, you can minimize purchase price while maximizing your selling price and eventual income. For instance, an excellently marketed property can sell at 5% to 10% more than a poorly marketed one. The same is margin applies to rental properties as well. That is how priceless quality marketing is. And the good news is, marketing is a science; one that you can learn and master. 4. Renovations Renovations can greatly improve a property’s value. Most investors do this on their own, especially if they lack the capital but have expertise. Neighborhoods of transition are a great source for rundown properties that you can purchase for renovation. Look out for well-built, yet neglected, in areas with a potential for property boom. Be sure to purchase structurally sound properties. Buy such properties, renovate to increase their values, and then sell at a profit. You can also grow your investment portfolio by renting out those properties. Your expertise and labor play an important role in increasing the property’s value. Whether you are going to sell or rent the property, be sure to keep the renovation work simple. After all, the renovation work is meant to make the property appeal to potential tenants or buyers, not you. Learn to differentiate between renovations that bring value for money and those that do not. Bottom line: Look out for a property that requires non-structural, touch up upgrades with an immediate impact on the property’s appeal. This way, you will stand a chance of selling the renovated property at a profit. Remember, your goal is to ensure that you get return for your time and effort. 5. Speculation: The popular secret Speculation fuels property prices. Unfortunately, it also fuels emotions and greed. And emotions trigger bad decisions, which has resulted in the downfall of most property investors. However, speculation can be a great ally if you know what you are doing and are basing your actions on facts. All you have to do is know when to jump in and ride the wave. Bottom line Speculative investing can be quite profitable. However, you have to know that you are in for a short period and the actual economic fundamentals do not work in this case. You need to know how to respond to the variables that are out of your control. In addition, you need a lot of capital to speculate effectively. When you are planning to sell or rent out a property, an appraisal is likely to be part of the process. The appraiser comes in to determine your property’s current market value. The tips discussed above can help you prop up your property’s value and deliver great return on investment.

May 2, 2015

Yoga for beginners: Finding Wholeness in Yoga

Yoga is an exercise that harmonizes an individual’s mind and body. Practicing yoga on a regular basis allows you to enjoy better health levels while keeping stress out of your life. Yoga introduces you to various postures designed to strengthen your body while teaching you meditation techniques by which you can attain a balanced approach to every aspect of your life. The postures or asanas, as they are technically referred, are all slow and steady. Getting the best benefits from yoga requires that you devote at least 15 minutes of your time to asanas on a daily basis. So what do you need to know before starting? If you are just getting started with yoga, you will learn some basic steps by which your physical and emotional wellness are enhanced. Here are a few things you need to know before starting out. • Early morning hours are the best for yoga exercises • Put on loose, comfortable outfits during your yoga sessions so you can perform your movements with ease • Concentration is key. As such, ensure that your surrounding is calm and free of disturbances. • Have your yoga mat or carpet below the area where you are practicing • Avoid hot or spicy foods before your yoga sessions • Avoid yoga immediately after a meal. • Avoid yoga during pregnancy or periods Getting started with yoga: The basics The first, and most important, thing you need to know about yoga is how to breathe. It is important that you breathe according to techniques instructed by your teacher. As a beginner, you need to start off by mastering the easy poses. Avoid poses that strain your body during your early days. Instead, opt for light postures to help you get into a relaxed situation. Some meditation is essential to bring focus into your mind. During your beginner’s classes, you will be introduced to the following sequence: warm up session, standing poses, sitting poses, twists, supine poses, balance poses, backbends, and finishing poses. Yoga and stress relief You have probably heard that this exercise can help you cope with stressful situations in your life. Well, there are tons of benefits that come with practicing yoga as a form of stress management. These include reduced worry and anxiety as well as slowed respiration and heart rates. Also, yoga can help soothe tension related eyestrains and headaches. Hatha yoga: Best yoga for stress relief “Ha” means “sun” while “tha” means “moon.” Get them together, and you get a yoga style that helps you focus on balancing the entire body’s energy as well as strengthening the mind-body connection while stretching tight muscle. This exercise starts with a seated meditation before proceeding into a slow, restorative and relaxing flow that includes floor and standing poses. During these poses, you will be using the classic “uijay” breathing and props. Yoga for weight loss Yoga is one of the most holistic approaches to weight loss. Yoga helps users manage weight by combining physical postures, breathing exercises, distinct philosophy and meditation. Bikram yoga: The best yoga for weight loss Holding a pose for a length of time can help you burn calories and lose weight. Additionally, bikram yoga ads the bonus of helping you shed off extra water weight. Bikram yoga sessions are held in rooms heated up to 105 degrees with 40 percent humidity. You will be taken through two sessions each with 26 poses. During the first session, you will hold for one and a half minutes for each pose. The second session will require you to hold for 30 seconds per pose. You can alternate bikram yoga with ashtanga yoga for fast weight loss. A basic knowledge of yoga etiquette is crucial for every beginner. You can tap your teacher to introduce you to the basics of some simple yoga postures. As a beginner, you could start with simple postures like sitting or standing postures, supine, twist, prone or balance postures. It is important to let your teacher know that you are new to yoga and ask for special guide during your early days.

Feb 25, 2015

Web Design and Development: Why You Need to Hire a Professional Company

If you are on the edge about a website design and management company, you are not alone. Today, the internet is filled with tons of free plug and play templates that make the whole process of building a website much easier than ever. If you do not wish to generate business or build online credibility, these templates will certainly do a great job for you. However, if you are striving to build a credible business presence online, then you need something more; you need a professional web design company to bring you much more bang for your bucks. Here are reasons why you need to hire a professional to handle your web design and development project. 1. Your website is your representative online Would you lay your home’s foundation by yourself if you are not a builder? Or would you pick anyone you come across to handle your home’s interior design and décor? Chances are you would not. You would hire a professional to ensure that you get the best possible result. Well, web development is no different. A professional web design company knows how to present your website to your target audience. First impressions matter, and if your website represents your business in a professional manner, chances are you will gain clients that would otherwise go to your competitors. 2. Professionalism Besides creating a beautiful web site, a professional web design company will also know how to give your business the right image online. A savvy web developer understands the importance of online marketing too. Thus, they will ensure that your website is unique, easy to navigate, load efficiently, and work properly with all the major browsers. In a sense, a professional web design company knows everything about responsive website design. 3. Save time Hiring a professional to handle your website design and development project instead of doing it yourself will save you precious time, energy and frustration. There is a wide range of skills that come to play when developing an effective website. Besides, there is more to web design beyond knowing the basics of HTML. A professional web designer is not only skilled in the design aspect but also remains in-the-loop in several other crucial aspects such as HTML, CSS, communication, photo optimization, JavaScript and search engine optimization among other important scripting languages. 4. Place you ahead of competition Every industry has its share of competition, and businesses are taking to the World Wide Web in an effort to gain an edge over their competition. Having a strong online presence before your competitors will most certainly place you steps ahead. And you can maintain that edge by ensuring that your website is effective. This is where professionalism in web design and development comes in. 5. The power of Search Engine Optimization One of the most crucial factors of any website is its ranking in the search engine result pages (SERPs). It is basically pointless to have an excellent website if your target audience cannot find it online. High search engine ranking is crucial not only because it is free, but also because it is the only way customers will find you on the Internet. A professional web design and development company knows how to develop your website in a way that major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing can easily index and rank your web pages. This is crucial if you want to stay ahead of your competition. There are a number of options when it comes to website design – you can do it yourself, choose and modify free templates especially if you are trying out WordPress web design, or hire a professional to handle the job for you. By far, it makes a lot of sense leaving your website design and development project to a professional. Looking for quality blogs,web content or ebooks for your marketing purposes? Be sure to email me at aloychieng@yahoo.com for quality, search engine optimized content

Feb 6, 2015

11 Outrageous Cities With A Nightlife You Won’t Want To Sleep Through

When the sun begin to dim and most of the world resign to sleep, some cities around the world become alive with vibrancy and a remarkably exciting night life. If you are looking for nocturnal entertainment and excitement, then look no further than these 11 cities with the most outrageous nightlife in the world. 1. Las Vegas, Nevada Nicknamed “Sin City,” Las Vegas has a lot to offer to nightlife lovers. The city is home to some of the world’s best nightclubs and the DJs that get the party rolling are super magnets for party lovers. Even if you are an older night owl, with diminished appetite for party life, you can see off your night playing poker in any of the city’s renowned casinos and bars. If you want to celebrate life, try your luck in one of the city’s casinos, dance and enjoy music, Las Vegas is, without doubt, the city to visit. 2. Tel Aviv, Israel Despite the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians and the shaky security situation, Tel Aviv still boasts as one of the best known nightlife destinations in the Middle East. Nightlife in Israel’s second most populous city begins at about 11 pm with most party lovers heading to the clubs in the city center before winding down to raucous parties in the wee hours of the new day. The city offers numerous dance clubs like Comfort 13, Block Club and Paradise Garage, which stay open all night long. 3. Istanbul, Turkey Party at the crossroad between Asia and Europe in Turkey’s capital city: Istanbul. Best known for crazy shenanigans in world famous Taksim Square, you are guaranteed to find some of Mediterranean’s hottest nightclubs that attract night owls from all walks of life. You will not be surprised to find Americans, Asians, Europeans and Middle Easterners partying together in Istanbul’s top rated night clubs like Reina and Sortie. 4. Buenos Aires, Argentina Given that no party starts in Buenos Aires until past midnight, getting a nap before heading out to the city’s bars and clubs make perfect sense. In Buenos Aires, it is not unusual to party till dawn before heading home to the same thing only a couple of hours later. Most bars offer world class entertainment including live bands. 5. Chicago, Illinois With a population of about 2.7 million, Chicago has long been known for its world class sports bars. However, things are now changing with Chicagoans taking to upscale night clubs. Whether you are looking for luxury in rooftop lounges and cocktail bars or mega dance parties in underground clubs, “The Windy City” will certainly blow you away with its nightlife offers. 6. Los Angeles, California Famous for its glamour and glitz, the City of Angeles boasts of a unique nightlife with a range of entertainment options. Whether you are out for a quiet drink with someone special, or dancing the night away with thousands of other party lovers, Los Angeles has something for you. The city’s downtown is packed with high octane bars like the legendary Silver Lake, Hard Rock Café and Echo Park. With tons of cool hangout places, this city is, without doubt, the perfect night party destination for everyone. 7. Tokyo, Japan When the sun goes down and the night checks in, Tokyo transforms into what most party lovers consider the must go to cities in the world. Every single night, Tokyo city’s entertainment districts are crowded with revelers choosing from a range of popular night spots offering different kinds entertainment. Whether you are looking for reggae music clubs, sex parties, gay bars, restaurants, discos or traditional geisha bars, Tokyo has something for you. 8. Hong Kong If you are looking to spend an unforgettable night in an Asian city, then look no further than the city of Hong Kong. Nightlife in this cosmopolitan city is very multi-layered and diverse. The city’s wide range of clubs, lounges and evening markets are guaranteed to thrill any nightlife lover. Apart from partying and dancing, Hong Kong is also a popular destination for food lovers who must never leave the city without stopping by Temple Street Night Market. The air is filled with the rich smell of delicious cuisines while fortune tellers and street acrobats scramble for visitors’ attention all night long. 9. London, England London’s nightlife is one of the most colorful and diverse in Western Europe. From swanky boutiques and cocktail bars to comedy cabarets and live jazz music and bustling nightclubs, London is a great destination for any party animals of all kinds. One of London’s most popular spots for nightlife is right in the middle of the city, from Soho to Central London to Convent Garden. If you are looking for dancing and drinking spots, then be sure to make a stopover at Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus. 10. Paris, France Known as the City of Love, Paris residents know exactly have to have a great time once the sun is out of the way. Visitors can check in at the famous Moulin Rouge for late night show while sampling delicious foods and great drinks. Then, after midnight, visitors can dance their night away at Club Silencio. 11. New York City, New York Nicknamed “the city that never sleeps,” NYC offers visitors endless supply of night life entertainment. You can start your evening by taking in a show on Broadway before heading to a neighborhood bar for a sample of great cocktails. Alternatively, you can head straight to one of the city’s nightclubs to dance your night away. When the sun goes down and most people retire to sleep, some of the world’s cities come to life with numerous dance clubs, bars and other night attractions. If you are looking for a vibrant nightlife atmosphere, then be sure to visit one of these cities

Best destinations to celebrate your Valentine’s Day in 2015

Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to find and check into that perfect room or suite, pop the question, celebrate an anniversary or simply enjoy special moments with someone special. Whether you love islands, beaches or city destinations, cities around the world that offer exceptional spots that will make your 2015 Valentine’s Day celebrations fun and memorable. Here are top destinations you can consider for your Valentine’s Day celebrations in 2015. 1. Topping Rose House in the Hamptons Tucked away on the East End of Long Island, Topping Rose House is a perfect Valentine’s Day escape from the hassles of New York City. It is the go-to place for couples looking for a stylish hideaway that has close proximity to cafes and shopping facilities. This luxury hotel offers spa services, heated outdoor pool, fitness facility and a complementary shuttle to nearby Long Island beaches. Better still, you can enjoy a holistic spa treatment in the comfort of your suite courtesy of Naturopathica at Topping Rose House. In the evening, you can enjoy a romantic dinner at Chef Tom Colicchio’s 75-seat restaurant. The cuisine incorporates herbs and vegetables grown on the hotel’s garden. You can choose you room from suites that overlook the pool, orchard or Bridgehampton’s Main Street. The romantic Cottage King Rooms come with sliding glass doors that open out to a private patio surrounded by the hotel’s beautiful garden. 2. The Penthouse Suite at Hilton Bentley Book one of the suites at the super-luxury Penthouse Suite at Hilton Bentley, Miami and enjoy a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean. With over 3,000 square feet of living space, an amazing ocean-view roof top pool and an outdoor Jacuzzi, the Penthouse Suite is certainly the best place to retreat to this Valentine’s Day and pop that question. Couples can ask for a relaxing massage in the privacy of their suite while enjoying celebrity Chef Doug’s sea food cuisines. 3. Bungalows at Montage Resort, Laguna Beach Located in Laguna Beach, California, Bungalows at Montage Resort are guaranteed to make you feel like you have just stepped on a set of a Hollywood Movie. The suites offer a panoramic view of the Pacific and Aliso beach. Each suit comes with a fireplace and a French door that opens to the bedroom. Look out for the resort’s Valentine’s Day spa specials and menus at the restaurant. Additionally, there is a couple’s massage workshop with Suzanne DeFranco on Valentine’s Day! 4. The Establishment in Sydney, Australia Located in the Sydney central business district, close to the Opera House and Sydney Harbor, this stylish hotel with 31 suites is without doubt one of the best Valentine’s Day destinations in the “Land Down Under.” Check into one of the Penthouse suites and enjoy up to 1,075 square feet of living space this Valentine’s Day. The hotel offers a gym and you can have your breakfast served at the Establishment’s Garden. Additionally, you can visit one of the nearby restaurants for a sumptuous Australian Cuisine or sushi. 5. Hotel G in San Francisco, California This stylish 153-roomed hotel is located near San Francisco’s Union Square. The suites feature a laid-back San Francisco vibe with historic accents. Some of the amenities offered by this hotel include complementary WiFi, SMART TVs and docking stations. The hotel also has a gym in its second floor. The lobby is graced with colorful armchairs and frosted glass walls. Be sure to meet the other guests during the “Beer and Bites” social hour. 6. White Barn Inn Whether you are celebrating a Valentine’s evening dinner or a Valentine’s weekend getaway, the White Barn Inn located off the coast of Maine has a package that will carter for your needs on this special occasion. White Barn Inn’s February Romance Package include deluxe hotel accommodation, country style continental breakfast, an afternoon tea spiced with seasonal treats, a dinner for two, chocolate covered strawberries, and of course, champagne. The Inn offers discounts if you stay for two or more nights. 7. The Royal Crescent Located in Bath, England, this is the place to visit if you are looking to enjoy a 5-Course Valentine Dinner with someone special. Be sure to call the hotel well in advance so they can arrange for chocolates, flowers and other details. Valentine’s Day package starts at GBP 380 for breakfast, dinner and accommodation for two. 8. The Greenbrier Resort The Greenbrier Resort offers the ultimate Valentine’s Day package for its guests. The package include breakfast, Rose petals, Champagne, Photograph, Valentine’s Day dance, Dessert Buffer and Martini Bar. Massage services are also available for couples at a discounted price. 9. Tree House Villa at Villingili Resort and Spa, Maldives Located in the Maldives, this romantic Villa allows you to enjoy incredible ocean views and tropical surroundings. The villas offer ultimate privacy, just what you want for a Valentine’s getaway. While at the resort, you and your partner will be treated to a wide range of activities including guided snorkeling, scuba diving, beach Frisbee, nigh fishing, Pranayama breathing class and much more. 10. A’jia Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey Located off the shores of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, A’jia Hotel comes with just 10 rooms and 6 accommodation suites with stunning water views. Bath in the sun as you watch the boats cruise past you at this stylish boutique hotel. Bosphorus Pasha Room is an excellent option for lovebirds as it comes with a large bath and an outdoor balcony over the water for relaxation in the evening as you watch the sun set. There you have it. Looking for a place to enjoy special Valentine’s Day treat with someone special? Well, try out one of these destinations for a memorable Valentine’s Day getaway.