May 30, 2011

Infinity downline: My Online money making machine

Infinity downline: What is it and how can you make money with it?

Infinity downline is an affiliate marketing program that anyone can join. With it you will get access to thousands of training software, audios and videos.

How can you join ID?
You will be introduced to Infinity downline by someone—this becomes your sponsor
It will cost you $25 to join infinity downline

So who can join infinity downline?
• Any one who wants to start a home based business at a low cost
• Anyone looking for additional source of income

What do you need to know before joining?
• That you will put in effort to make your business succeed
• You must be success driven and ready to apply the right techniques. The best thing with ID is that all you have to do is duplicate what others have done for success. You can of course be innovative, as in the case of any business, but the basics still remain intact.

How does Infinity downline work?
• You sign up with Ksh.2100,
• Bring four referrals, each paying Ksh.2100.
• First and second third referrals go to your account, second and fourth referrals goes to your sponsor on the first month.
• All your referrals payments go to you from the second month on
• Payments are circulated within the members, no payments are done direct to the website

Possible causes of failure
• Giving up quickly
• Failing to promote your business
• Sitting back and hoping that some how things will work out in your favor

Payment options:
• Residual income
• Reverse up

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