Jan 18, 2011

How about starting a viral marketing campaign on facebook?

There are various ways through which you can run a successful viral marketing campaign using. All you have to do is figure out how to use it, which is not rocket science at all. Being the most popular social networking site, facebook is definitely the best place to get started with your viral marketing campaign. With your profile and a couple of apps already in place, you will just be integrating your marketing campaign into what you are already familiar with.

Here are some useful tips that you can use to start a viral marketing campaign on facebook.

i. Friends are a very important part of social networking and they are all you need to make money. You will need your friends to help you out with your marketing efforts. Consider searching and adding as friends people who are interested in your products. Work on building a relationship with them by providing value before you can embark on selling your products to them.
ii. Start a blog that you will use to share any news on your business to your friends. Add pictures to your blog and integrate it with your facebook profile page. You can also add RSS feed and post comments on other blogs with a link to your website
iii. Select a picture that you will use on all your profiles and stick with it. People prefer to know who they are dealing with and better still that they are dealing with “real people”. With your real picture on your profile page, people will some how connect and trust you, besides developing confidence in you.
iv. Consider spicing up your profile page with links to your other sites. Also promote your RSS feed with a widget from your blog and post regular updates. Ensure that your profile page is attractive while omitting any negative personal stuff.
v. Take advantage of the “like” button, events and notes features. People will get to know you more if they get to know that you are very active in the community. You can use these feature to notify your friends of anything, support a cause or promote your business.
vi. It is never hard coming up with your own content. Consider creating a content that has useful and accurate information. “How to” articles and tips will usually attract good response from your audience. Controversy always attracts a reaction so don’t be afraid to venture out of the crowd by expressing opposing views.
vii. Giving out freebies will always boost your popularity and attract new interest from your audience. However, ensure that your freebies are related to your niche and is worth sharing among your friends in order to increase exposure and credibility.

Social media marketing is a platform that is constantly growing with modest advertising cost and great returns. Start your own viral marketing campaign with facebook today and give your business a great boost.

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