Jan 25, 2011

Color combination and its importance in web design

While designing their websites, most people use several colors in their web pages. However, you need to know that not all colors are appropriate for your website. Chances are your web design may be liked by many people by virtue of your color combination; however, you need to ensure that you use sober colors. Failing to follow a well defined color scheme may result into a huge challenge for your visitors to stay on your website for long. Worse still, they might just opt to skip your website if they find your color combination too bright or too boring.

Having knowledge of the importance of colors on a web page will give you a good idea of the impact they have on both your web page and your readers. You can begin learning the scheme from a color wheel that will guide you about the coordinating colors as well as providing support while choosing your color scheme.

The color wheel presents colors in three broad categories: primary, secondary and tertiary colors. With the help of the wheel, you can give your site appropriate color combinations with an effective output. With the right selection, there are so many colors that you can use during your web design exercise. The primary colors, red, blue and yellow are unique individually and you can not obtain them by mixing any other. Combining these primary colors result into secondary colors, green, orange and purple. Tertiary colors, which are widely used in web design, are formed after mixing secondary colors.

All colors are represented in HTML by specific codes. Colors plays a very crucial role in web design, which is why it is important that you learn how to combine them in order to come up with a perfect design. When designing your web site, be sure not to use colors that are disturbing or unpleasant to the eye. Ensure that you combine the colors well in order to create a harmonious balance while designing your web pages. Try mixing comparable colors to see if they are working or not. There are tens of dark and light shades that you can consider combining to create a fine color scheme for your website.

Some colors are very appealing while others are never suitable to web visitors. If you use pleasant colors in your web design, your audience will be more interested in staying in your site for long whereas in an opposite scenario, your visitors will simply click away thanks to your poor color combination. During your web design exercise, you need to be specific with the prospective of color combination since your readers rely entirely on the visual sense to get information from your website. You need to know that if your website is not visually appealing then your visitors may not be able to stay in your site for long even if it is very resourceful. You need to have a good understanding of the color wheel while designing your website if you are going to keep your website presentable and appealing to your readers.


  1. Yup, very true.. Useful share. Thanks.

  2. Also colours have cultural symbols, for example red may mean something nice in Africa, but something else in Japan. So your website may be discriminated or liked accordingly..