Sample Articles

Sample Article #1
How to take good care of your skin
The old saying, “It’s beauty that captures attention while personality captures the heart” can never be over emphasized when referring to our skin. We all appreciate that our skin says a lot about our mood and health. Skin protection is not only important for our physical health but for our appearance and consequently our self esteem as well. Like a farmer who neatly attends to his garden has pride in his fruits, so does an individual who consciously attends to his skin has a great self confidence. Your skin is definitely your trademark.
A good skin care has a way of slowing down the aging process while helping you stay good by retaining your youthful looks for a pretty long time.
The idea of good skin care has nothing to do with spending your money on expensive products for your skin protection, but rather learning and practicing simple skin protection techniques and enhancing looks that will leave you looking and feeling fresh like a rose.
Here are some skin protection techniques you can practice with great results.

i. Healthy eating
Like all the other organs, your skin is nourished by the foods you eat. You should avoid some foods if you desire to have a healthy glowing skin. Such foods include: alcohol, coffee, fats and starch. On the other hand, routine consumption of fresh fruits and fresh juices, proteins, vitamins as well as fresh vegetables can have a remarkable impact on the health of your skin.

ii. Protecting your skin from the sun
Always remember to apply your sunscreen before going out in the sun. Have your sunglasses on to protect your eyes while wearing light long sleeved shirts and dresses to protect your arms during summer. Remember to cover your head as well.

iii. Cleansing
Regularly wash your skin to get rid of dirt. Always remove all make ups before going to bed. In short, always keep your clean.

iv. Moisturizing
Using a moisturizer after cleansing your skin helps restore the moisture thereby maintaining your skin’s pH balance.

v. Skin care products
It is necessary that you select and use products which you are not allergic to. You might want the help of a specialist when selecting these products.

AND finally; be happy. Your face reflects your mood. Happiness will give you a glowing healthy face without spending a dime. Stressful situations like frowns are a sure attraction to wrinkles. Consider meditations and yoga for they are good for a healthy skin.

Sample article #2
Developing a small online business

It can not be disputed that the growth of the internet has had a revolutionary impact on how business is done today. Not only has there been an exponential growth in exchange of goods and services through the internet, but the internet have also transformed how information can be accessed and used. This has resulted in to business, both large and small developing and managing the content of their websites in order to retain the existing customers as well as persuading more people to consume their products.
At the dawn of the decade, there were online and offline businesses. However, the number of businesses going online has steadily risen as more buyers are able to access the internet and make their purchase online. Numerous small business websites have been developed with well managed and comprehensive content showcasing their products.
Getting started with a new online business or taking over a preexisting one can seem daunting and at times overwhelming. However, like everything else, you need to come up with a plan and implement it step by step.
Whether you are starting from scratch, marketing yourself as a direct sales company representative or promoting your affiliate programs, a small business website is at the core of your online presence. To get started with your website, you will need a web page address. This is what your customers will enter into their browser to find your website. In other words, you need a domain. The domain name you choose for your business should be easy for people to remember while sufficiently describing your website. With such a domain name, you need to develop a website that will portray your online image in a positive manner. Your online brand should be unique, interesting and appealing to the general audience with diverse personal preferences.
Branding gives the first impression of your website to a first time visitor. It can spell a make or break moment. A well developed brand will ensure that your company gets to the top of your customers’ list or is a part of their solution set.
Your online business has a greater chance of success if those who buy your products recognize it’s brand. When developing your small business website, it is key that you come up with a brand that will increase its chances of competing successfully for customers. Such a brand should provide an attractive message to existing and potential buyers when conveyed in marketing campaigns.
Finally, you should have a good website design for your small business. A well designed website will help boost your page ranking. You should therefore focus on search engine optimization when creating your website. This should be done by regular content management of your website to ensure that it continues to draw traffic to your website.